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標題: Monitoring and Quarantine Treatment Techniques for Aphids on Export and Import Fruits and Vegetables
作者: 郭美華
關鍵字: 應用研究;植物保護類
我國加入世界貿易組織( WTO )勢在必行, 自由貿易的結果可預見將來農產品的進出口亦勢必大量增加, 為掌握檢疫時效及確保貨品的經濟利益, 且有效及快速檢測與鑑別有害昆蟲種類的技術與方法, 已是當務之急.本計畫主要目的在於得知為害進出口果蔬蚜蟲之種類及監測, 並探討應用低溫防除蚜蟲之可行性及適用方法, 以提供日後參考資料.預期本研究結束時, 可初步建立為害進出口果蔬蚜蟲之種類資料及低溫防除蚜蟲之適用方法.並藉以建立國內辨識蚜蟲的相關資料庫, 做為日後比對檢疫蟲種的依據, 同時亦期能提供我國動植檢疫單位便捷的害蟲檢疫方法.

Joining the World Trade Organization ( WTO )is inevitable trend to our country under the increasing forces of free international trade.It is predictable that the frequencies of import and export trades of agricultural products will be increased dramatically thereafter; under the circumstances, the possibilities of invasion of foreign pests might be increased as well.In orders to prevent the spread of foreign pests with the transportation of agricultural products in and out, none of country in the world does not attach great importance to seek a rapid and accurate method for quarantine purpose.The aim of this research are to known and identify aphids of import and export of fruits and vegetables, and is to examine if cold temperature can be used as an alternative disinfestations method of cut aphids to meet the quarantine requirement for exportation ( or importation ).By the end of the research, we expect to set up a suitable method for identification of aphid pests, and then expend this method to set up a data bank on genomic diversities for different aphid pests in Taiwan for quarantine application.
其他識別: 90農科-6.3.2-檢-B6
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