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標題: 黑角舞蛾防治及監測技術之開發與研究
Research and Development of Techniques on Monitoring and Controlling the Casuarina Moth Lymantria xylina
作者: 黃紹毅
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
黑角舞蛾(Lymantria xylina)屬於鱗翅目(Lepidoptera)毒蛾科(Lymantridae),是臺灣的固有種.早年,黑角舞蛾在臺灣嚴重為害相思樹和木麻黃.但近年來,黑角舞蛾已在一些農業地區立足,未來勢力對農業經濟、生態皆可能產生巨大衝擊.因此,欲減少農林作物的損失,並避免使國內問題衍生為國際問題的風險,我們必需掌握黑角舞蛾的族群動態,做好蟲害管理的工作.本研究的目的是嘗試以類生長調節劑打破黑角舞蛾的滯育,以便實驗室飼養大量黑角舞蛾.同時,利用不同的微生物天敵,研究其對黑角舞蛾的效應.開發一套對黑角舞蛾最有效的防治技術.提供防治與監測相關研究的材料,達成未來綜合管理黑角舞蛾的目標.

During the past, Casuarina moth (Lymantria xylina) was only a forest pest in Taiwan. However, it became established in some local areas and could become a very serious agricultural pest. For future controlling consideration, more basic information about this caterpillar is needed. The objectives of this research project are to terminate the diapause in pharate first-instar larvae, to investigate ways for mass production, and to test the efficacy of various microbial natural enemies. With the combination of various ecological and physiological informations, we can have better idea about managing and controlling this potentially dangerous pest.
其他識別: 91農科-7.2.1-檢-B5(1)
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