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標題: 黃條葉蚤誘集器之開發與應用
Development and Application of Flea Beetle Trap
作者: 楊恩誠
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
由於昆蟲的趨光行為反應快速,而黃條葉蚤的趨光光譜在上一年度的研究中亦已確定,因此只要能克服在田間誘引時的基本物理因子,在田間的應用上可發展出有效的誘引器,以做為快速撲殺黃條葉蚤成蟲的非農藥防治方法.承續前兩年的研究成果,將實驗室所得的黃條葉蚤趨光光譜而設計出的430 nm發光二極體(LED)與黏蟲色紙之顏色配方或是以其它材質所設計出的物理性誘蟲方法實際應用到田間,則為本年度的工作目標.由於任何有效的誘集器或配合田間施作的誘集法,皆須以田間現場的操作人員的方便性與接受度做為日後推廣的考量因子,因此本研究計畫擬將同時評估所開發的方法之適用性與成本效益等問題.

Due to the fast response of insect phototactic behavior, and the action spectrum of the flea beetle has been measured in last year project, it is very likely to design a trap with this knowhow if the application in the field can be successful. In this year, this project will focus on the developement of a color trap and the methodology of trapping the pest, according to the action spectrum. And then, apply the trap and the methodology in the field work of structural horiculture. Becuase any pest control application or methodology in the field should be adapted to the reality and be accepted by the farmers, we are also going to evaluate the adaptiveness of our trap design and methodology in the field.
其他識別: 92農科-1.8.1-檢-B4(1)
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