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標題: Development of Analysis Technique for Detection of Inorganic Bromide in Methyl Bromide-Fumigatioed Vegetables and Fruits
作者: 杜武俊
關鍵字: 應用研究;植物保護類
蔬果經溴化甲烷燻蒸後可能會有藥劑殘留問題,包括溴化甲烷本身的有機形式殘留,以及與其他物質產生化學反應後的無機溴化物殘留.而這些殘留如果過量,將影響消費者健康甚鉅.因此本計畫擬開發蔬果中無機溴化物微量殘留檢測技術,並建立蔬果中無機溴化物檢驗之標準流程.本年度同時進行: 1. 蔬果中無機溴化物殘留檢測影響因子之探討與干擾因子之排除或校正. 2. 針對不同性質蔬果分別建立無機溴化物檢測技術與方法. 3. 建立不同蔬果應用選擇性電極電位法檢測之背景值基本資料庫. 4. 溴化甲烷燻蒸處理在不同蔬果之殘留及消退情形之探討.

Residue of methyl bromide may persist in fumigated vegetables and fruits and further reacts with other material in the vegetables and fruits to form new bromide compounds, which might be toxic to consumers. This study will develop an analysis technique of inorganic bromide in vegetables and fruits after fumigated with methyl bromide. In addition, we expect to establish a standard protocol for inorganic bromide analysis in fumigated vegetables and fruits.
其他識別: 92農科-1.9.2-檢-B1(4)
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