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dc.description.abstractThe insect fauna of Shei-Pa NPK is not clear and not studied so well at present. Only in Wulin area, the aquatic insect survey focused on the prey of Formosan landlocked Salmon, Oneorhynchus masu formosanus has been studied in some deeper issues. However, the terrestrial insect fauna is still poor known. To date, there are some projects undergoing studied also in there for the management of such an important habitat of salmon, like as model construction and ecological monitoring, the survey of the aquatic insect and studies on the Salmon population of which the results of feeding and food chain of the salmon have some progress already. But, still need the terrestrial insect fauna for making it clear about the input and output of aquatic ecosystem in relation to the terrestrial insect fauna in order to make the conceptual model of the whole ecosystem more completely and clearly. The insect what is the largest part of animals surely influencing the quality and the circulation of ecosystem in many aspects. Terrestrial and most of insect fauna are correspondence to vegetation and the habitat which is comprised by the vegetation themselves. Riparian ecosystem affected by the terrestrial disturbance will consequently influence the aquatic ecosystem.Further more, the insect community in an ecosystem is just the characters and results caused or formed by different succession patterns and levels. The emergency and mating behavior activities of aquatic insect that moving out of water will affect the community structure of terrestrial ecosystem. All the important and interesting topics should not be investigated unless the insect fauna finished. This project is just trying to spend a year to do preliminary survey on the insect fauna in the area of the catchments (or water shield) of Chichi wan Stream including Gao-Shan Creek, Tao-Shan W. Creek and TAO-Shan N. Creek. The sampling plots will be set up along the stream (or Creek) in order to meet the requirement of ecosystem model and the vegetation pattern. The random sampling and surveying will be done for completing the insect fauna during the very short one-year survey. If will be the basis of the monitoring and the succeeding studies on the insect community and their ecological function. In addition, some valuable ecological information will be provided for the interpretation of extension education.en_US
dc.subject自然生態保育, 生物科學類zh_TW
dc.subjectterrestrial ecosystemen_US
dc.subjectriparian ecosystemen_US
dc.subjectinsect faunaen_US
dc.subjectecological function groupen_US
dc.subjectpermanent sampling plotsen_US
dc.titleSurvey on Insects of Shei-Pa National Park-Wulin Areaen_US
dc.typeResearch Reportszh_TW
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