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標題: X光檢疫自動化系統之研發
Development of Automatic X-Ray Quarantine System
作者: 楊曼妙
關鍵字: 植物保護類, 農業機械類;技術發展

This project is to integrate the professional expertise in Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering and Entomology, and to establish a fast and accurate quarantine technique, which will improve the detecting capability using non-destructive technique without delaying the decision-making in customs and save labor power of customs officer and merchandise loss. Additionally, digitized images will be the scientific evidence for quarantine inspection and avoiding arguments from importers or foreign countries. The main issues of this project are: developing techniques of imaging gathering and analysis, establishing the detecting method for quarantine pests, and seeking optimal parameters of model X-ray quarantine system for various fruits and other plant products. The outcome of this project well establish an antomatic system for quarantine inspection and future applicatia in this field.
其他識別: 93農科-6.1.5-檢-B1
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