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標題: 黃條葉蚤非農藥性防治方法之開發與應用(產學合作)
Investigation and Application of Non-Pesticidal Method for Controlling the Stipe Flea Beetle
作者: 楊恩誠
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究;Flea Beetle;黃條葉蚤;趨光性;物理防治;誘殺設備;奈米塗料;Phototaxis;Physical Control;Trapping Facility;Nano-material

By using the phototactic response of the stripe flea beetle and destroying its adhesive ability with nano-spheres on a vertical surface, we are developing a trapping facility based on the theories of biophysics to attract and kill the pest in organic vegetable farm. When applying in the field, it is possible to form a barrier with the facility to stop the beetle migration between farms, so the damage caused by the pest can be reduced. Besides, since repellent application will elicit the escaping behavior of the beetles, the facility can trap the beetles efficiently. Our previous study has demonstrated that the phototactic behavior is wavelength selective, so the reflecting spectrum of the nano-spheres spread on the vertical plane of the facility is specifically designed for this purpose. The proposed project will be able to reduce to pesticide uses in the farm as well as the damage coasts caused by the pests. This new pest control method also can be used for future IPM scheme to control the pests.
其他識別: 95農科-13.2.1-檢-B7
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