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標題: 綠殭菌感染大蠟蛾所引起之免疫反應及細胞自戕(II)
Immune Responses and Apoptosis in the Greater Wax Moth, Galleria mellonella, Infected with the Entomopathogenic Fungus, Nomuraea riley (II)
作者: 侯豐男
關鍵字: 植物保護類;基礎研究;Nomuraea rileyi, Galleria mellonella, immune response, apoptosis,mycotoxin.;綠殭菌;大蠟蛾;免疫反應;細胞自戕;真菌毒素
蟲生真菌綠殭菌(Nomuraea rileyi)具有供作害蟲微生物防治之潛力,其感染昆蟲時所引起寄主之免疫反應及生理之變化,值得加以研究。目前已知黑殭菌與白殭菌在進入昆蟲血體腔後,會改變細胞壁結構避免受蟲體免疫的辨識或以產生毒素抑制免疫反應,再大量形成菌絲體並產生毒素,使寄主中毒或機械性破壞組織以致死亡。綠殭菌進入寄主昆蟲血體腔後,如何逃脫免疫反應及影響蟲體生理變化,迄今仍不清楚。本實驗室目前已由台灣地區鱗翅目農業害蟲中共分離出17株綠殭菌品系,對於本菌感染能否誘發蟲體免疫、抑制免疫反應及造成蟲體細胞自戕等已有初步的研究結果,本計畫訂定二個主題,來探討綠殭菌對模式供試蟲大蠟蛾(Galleria mellonella)的感染機制之分子研究:主題一:綠殭菌感染過程中,對剛產生的菌絲體(hyphal body)進行細胞型免疫反應之研究目標在於找出對hyphal body 的免疫辨識因子。主題二:綠殭菌HF 品系產生造成蟲體細胞發生細胞自戕(apoptosis)的毒素及抑制蟲體血球(hemocyte)吞噬作用(phagocytosis)的毒素蛋白之研究目標在於探討綠殭菌影響蟲體生理變化及如何逃脫蟲體免疫反應。本計畫之重要性在於以本土性綠殭菌感染蟲體所引起的免疫反應及生理上之變化的試驗結果,俾供未來發展具防治潛力的綠殭菌生物性製劑,以開發具安全性之害蟲微生物防治法。

The entomopathogenic fungus, Nomuraea rileyi, is potential to be a microbialagent for insect pest control. The immune responses and physiological changes ofinsect host caused by its infection are thought to be an important research subject.Both Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana have now been known forbeing able to avoid of immune recognition by changing their cell wall structure afterinvading the host hemocoel and might produce mycotoxins to inhibit immuneresponses of the host. The insects can be killed by entomopathogenic fungi as a resultof intoxication and/or destruction of tissues via mass production of mycelia andtoxins. However, it is not known as to whether N. rileyi can escape from immunereactions and elicit changes in physiological functions of its hosts after infection.Wehave so far isolated 17 strains of N. rileyi from lepidopterous insects attacking localcrop plants. Preliminary investigations on immune response of insect hosts andapoptosis in cell lines induced by these strains have been carried out in our laboratory.The present proposal is to study molecular mechanism of N. rileyi infection in theSpodoptera litura, as a model insect upon two items listed as follows:1. Cellular immune response of G.alleria mellonella to newly formed hyphal bodiesin the processes of fungal infection.To find out the recognition factor of insects in response to hyphal invasion.2. Inhibition of host phagocytosis and incidence of apoptosis in cell lines afterinfection with N. rileyi strain HF.To study avoidance of host immune reactions and insect physiological changesafter the fungal infection.The importance and significance of this research proposal are to utilize theexperimental results from studies on immune responses and physiological changes ofinsect hosts after infection with entomopathogenic fungi for developing the potentialapplication of local strains of N. rileyi as microbial insecticides as well as a safer pestcontrol strategy.
其他識別: NSC96-2628-B005-007
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