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標題: The Study of the Interactions between Above- and Belowground Insects through the Mediation of Plant Induced Responses
作者: 黃紹毅
關鍵字: 植物保護類;基礎研究;above-ground insect;地上部昆蟲?地下部昆蟲?植物防禦系統?植物防禦物質?揮發性物質?茉莉花酸?黃條葉蚤;belowground insect;plant defense system;plant defensive compounds;volatiles;jasmonic acid
About half of the insect species are herbivorous. Within these herbivores, most are aboveground feeders; and some are belowground feeders. These two kinds of insects are usually separately specially and would not have significant interaction. Through the plant induction response, however, interactions may occur between these two kinds of insects. The interaction can happened directed between these organisms, or may occur through different trophic levels. Relative little is known about this interaction. In addition, past studies also indicated that the plant defensive compound-jasmonic acid may play important role in affecting production of plant defensive compounds. However, relative little is known about the impact of jasmonic acid on the interaction between plant above- and below-ground interactions. Therefore, this research project is designed to study the interaction between above- and below-ground organisms through plant induced response. We also want to evaluate the effect of jasmonic acid on the plant induction responses. In this study, we will use flea beetle to do all the bioassays. Through this research, we can have better knowledge about the interactions among these various organism levels.

地上部與地下部取食者這兩類昆蟲因為空間的隔絕,不太會有直接相互影響的現象發生。但因植物的誘導防禦反應,使得這兩類昆蟲有機會產生交互作用。另外,在植物的誘導防禦反應當中,茉莉花酸(Jasmonic acid, JA)扮演重要的角色。當植物在被植食性昆蟲傷害後,植物體內茉莉酸的含量會升高,蛋白酶抑制劑及多酚氧化酵素的活性也會上升,可能與抗蟲有關。目前這個領域的研究還很少,瞭解也有限。因此,本研究計畫擬分三年,從三個方面來探討取食植物不同部位,及植物防禦訊號物質造成的誘導防禦反應對地上部及地下部昆蟲,以及其天敵造成的影響。(1)地上部或地下部昆蟲所引起之誘導防禦反應在時間及空間上的差異,以及其對取食昆蟲之影響。(2)要瞭解該種誘導反應對其他食性階層生物(天敵等)之影響。(3)茉莉花酸(JA)所引起的植物誘導反應,與地上部或地下部取食昆蟲之交互作用,及該交互作用對後續取食者之影響。本研究使用黃條葉蚤來探討地下部昆蟲如何藉由植物的誘導反應與地上部昆蟲產生交互作用,以及茉莉花酸在這種植物誘導防禦反應所扮演的角色,來瞭解不同物種藉植物誘導反應所產生之交互作用。
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-032-MY3
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