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標題: 綠殭菌產生有毒成分及誘發sf-21細胞株的細胞凋亡
Production of Toxic Components and Induction of Sf-21 Apoptosis by the Entomopathogenic Fungus, Nomuraea Rileyi
作者: 侯豐男
關鍵字: 植物保護類;基礎研究;Nomuraea rileyi;綠殭菌;斜紋夜蛾;病徵;細胞凋亡;真菌毒素;Spodoptera litura;symptom;apoptosis;mycotoxin;cellline
蟲生真菌具有用作害蟲微生物防治之開發潛力,為了成功篩選防治鱗翅目害蟲效果較佳的台灣地區綠殭菌(Nomuraea rileyi)分離株,其感染昆蟲時所引起寄主之病徵及生理之變化,值得加以研究。目前已知黑殭菌與白殭菌在進入昆蟲血體腔時,在其成功克服蟲體免疫後,會繁殖大量的菌絲體並釋出毒素,使寄主昆蟲中毒或機械性破壞組織而導致死亡。綠殭菌進入寄主昆蟲血體腔後,如何致病之機制及蟲體細胞對應產生細胞凋亡,迄今仍不清楚。本實驗室目前已由台灣地區鱗翅目農業害蟲中共分離出17 株綠殭菌的分離株,對於本菌之感染斜紋夜蛾(Spodoptera litura)所引起之生長延滯及菌液引發sf-21 細胞株的細胞凋亡已有初步的研究結果。本計畫擬定下列兩個主題來探討綠殭菌及其菌液對斜紋夜蛾的致病機制:主題一:探討綠殭菌感染過程中引起鱗翅目昆蟲致死之毒素。主題二:探討綠殭菌菌液引發昆蟲細胞株產生細胞凋亡之機制。本計畫之重要性在於研究以本土性綠殭菌感染蟲體所引起之有毒代謝物及細胞凋亡的試驗結果,提供未來發展具防治潛力的綠殭菌生物性製劑之參考。

It is notable that entomopathogenic fungi are potential to be developed asbiocontrol agents for insect pests. In order to successfully screen potent local isolatesof Nomuraea rileyi for control of lepidopterous pests, the symptoms and physiologicalalterations of insect hosts due to fungal infection are needed to be investigated. It iswell known that both Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana are able tomultiply mycelial mass and to release toxins after suppression of insect immuneresponses, resulting in death of hosts caused by toxins and mechanical destruction ofinsect tissues. The onset of mycosis and respective induction of apoptosis in insects asa result of infection with N. rileyi is still obscure. We have so far isolated 17 N. rileyiisolates from the local populations of lepidopterous pests. In addition, we haveobtained preliminary results relating to growth retardation of Spodoptera litura larvaeand apoptosis of sf21 cell line from infection with N. rileyi. The present proposal is tostudy mode of infection of N. rileyi and its toxic metabolites against sf21 cells as wellas S. litura larvae. Two subjects are proposed as below:I. To study the toxins produced by N. rileyi in the processes of infection.II. To investigate induction of apoptosis in insect cell lines by culture filtrates(conditioned media) of N. rileyi.This proposal is virtually important in studies on mode of infection in N.rileyi in relation to the production of mycotoxins and induction of apoptosis in insectcells. The experimental results from these studies render valuable information fordeveloping mycoinsecticides for pest control measures in the future.
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-031-MY3
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