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標題: 台灣楨楠屬之造癭癭蚋分類及癭內真菌扮演之角色
Systematics of Gall Midges (Cecidomyiidae) on Machilus (Lauraceae) in Taiwan and the Role of the Fungus in Gall Chambers
作者: 楊曼妙
關鍵字: 植物保護類;基礎研究;Machilus (Lauraceae);樟科楨楠屬(Lauraceae: Machilus);造癭癭蚋(Cecidomyiidae);Daphnephila 屬;evolution;穩定性同位素;Daphnephila (Cecidomyiidae);evolution;StableIsotope

In Taiwan, Machilus (Lauraceae) is a widely distributed dominant plant species in thelowland forest. The gall inducers and their hosts have adaptative radiated to varioustaxonomic groups since the Cretaceous period. They currently reveal a highly coevolvedspecialization with their host plants. Machilus plays a significant and unique ecologicalrole in the forests of Taiwan. However, few studies have been taken on them and their gallinducers. Cecidomyiidae comprises about 38% of gall makers of Taiwan. ManyDaphnephila spp. (Cecidomyiidae) form galls at vegetative leaves, buds and branches ofMachilus. There are fungi develop in the larval chamber. How are the fungi introduced intothe gall? What are the species of fungi associated with galls? How is the evolutionaryprocess among the gall midges, fungi and hosts? What are the gall midges feed on, eitherthe exuding fluid from gall cells or fungi in side the gall chamber? The purpose of thisresearch is to clarify the species problem of this important galling group- Daphnephilaon Machilus based on materials from all over Taiwan, using both morphological andmolecular characters, and to investigate the nutrition utilization of the gall midge. Theultimate goal is to build a database of the systematics and biology of Machilus. Cultivationand analyses of fungi from various Daphnephila galls will help us understand how manyspecies of fungi are associated with galls and the feeding habit of the gallers, either fungiand/or nutritive tissue, need to be confirmed. Analysis of carbon stable isotope will beapplied to different types of galls and different developing stages of midges on Machilusthunbergii in Yangmingshan National Park in order to elucidate whether galls may play therole as a new nutritional sink, and to investigate the nutrient flow among host plants, galltissues, fungi and gallers.
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-033-MY3
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