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標題: Development of Species-Specific PCR Primers and a Molecular Detection Kit for Identification of the Peach Fruit Moth Carposina sasakii
作者: 路光暉
關鍵字: 植物保護類, 生物技術;Peach Fruit Moth;桃蛀果蛾;DNA Identification;DNA Marker;PCR Reaction Kit;Species-specific Primer;DNA鑑定;DNA標誌;PCR反應試劑套組;種專一性引子;技術發展
本研究主要目的為:(1)開發鑑定桃蛀果蛾(Carposina sasakii)之PCR專一性引子對,以快速鑑定此蟲;(2)開發快速鑑定桃蛀果蛾之PCR反應試劑套組,並申請專利;(3)開發快速萃取樣本DNA的方法,以其更加縮短鑑定時程。

The aims of this research is mainly focused on: (1) to screen the species-specific primer sets for rapid identification of the peach fruit moth Carposina sasakii; (2) to develop a PCR detection kid for rapid identification of C. sasakii and to patent the kit, and (3) to develop the method for rapid isolation of the DNA of specimens for further shorten the time for identification.
其他識別: 98農科-9.3.1-檢-B1(2)
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