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標題: 重要病蟲害田間監測技術與斜紋夜蛾防治經濟閥值之研訂
Application of Monitoring Technique for Key Pests and Establishing the Economic Threshold of Spodoptera Litura
作者: 段淑人
關鍵字: 植物保護類;技術發展;Monitoring;監測;經濟閥值;斜紋夜蛾;棲群密度;Economic threshold;Spodoptera litura;Population density

This project aimed at establishing the monitoring technique for key pests and related standard operation processes. The basic information of biology and ecology of spodoptera litura, including development rate, fertility, intake rate, and the relationship between pest population and crop loss, will be integrally considerated for issuing the economic threshold on groundnut. The proper forecast and advance notice resulted in reduction of agro-economic loss. The "Plant Pest Information Monitoring and Reporting System" should be persistenly enhanced by education and training.
其他識別: 99農科-6.1.1-檢-B2
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