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標題: 梨樹葉緣焦枯病之媒介昆蟲及其傳播病原微生物之診斷鑑定與管理
The Management and Identification of Pests Vectoring Pear Leaf Scorch Bacterium
作者: 段淑人
關鍵字: 生物技術, 植物保護類, 園藝;技術發展;pear leaf scorch;梨葉緣焦枯病;取食導管汁液昆蟲;桿狀難養菌;媒介昆蟲;共生菌;傳播機制;xylem-feeding insects;Xylella fastidiosa;vector;symbiont;transmission mechamism
台灣梨葉緣焦枯病係由Xylella sp.菌所引起,為木質部侷限桿狀細菌,亦屬台灣特有之梨病原菌。本計畫擬利用DNA定序及血清學技術確定其分類地位,並利用分子檢測技術偵測橫山梨產區罹病園內及鄰近之雜草,找出梨葉緣焦枯病菌之中間寄主植物,與所得的可疑蟲媒進行食性配對,所獲得之資料將可作為未來媒介昆蟲獲毒實驗之重要參考。昆蟲所傳播的植物病害,對作物所造成的經濟損失,遠高於昆蟲或病害單獨造成的損失。其中,如PLS這類木質部病害之媒介昆蟲,已知多數為大葉蟬亞科、少數則為沫蟬總科的昆蟲,這些昆蟲的行為與生態習性,與病害發生程度有緊密的關係。PLS僅發生於台灣,也非檢疫病害,因此本計畫的研究成果,即為藉由整合國內專業人力,建立一套管理植物木質部病害及其病媒昆蟲的監測與管理模式。由於PLS非國際檢疫病害,且僅存於台灣,因此本計畫的研究成果亦可作為全球其他作物木質部蟲媒病害的管理依據。此對於我國在國際間參與探討PD的病害與蟲媒間的相互關係,具重大意義;同時對農友來說,不僅可降低病害發病範圍,也可提升經濟收益。

Pear leaf scorch (PLS) disease is caused by Xylella sp, a xylem-limited bacterium, and it is also a unique phytopathogen in Taiwan. This project will focus on the identification of pear leaf scorch bacterium (PLSB) with DNA sequencing and serological technique. The specific primers could be used in PCR detection for inspection of the alternative hosts and suspicious vectors in epidemic area. On the basis of previous studies, the major vectors of PLS-like xylem-limited disease were belonged to Cicadellidae and few Cercopidae. The economic damage caused by vectoring insects was usually much more than the feeding itself. Their feeding behavior and ecolgical habites resulted in the oder of severity of vector-borne plant disease. We could organize the related specialists and establish the integral system about monitoring and management of xylem-limited pathoge and vector. As the PLS was not the international quarantine disease and only happened in Taiwan. The results of this project could be considered as the basis of control decision-making of the similar disease and vector in other countries. In the meantime, the decreasing of the population of vectors and PLSB would also raise the benefical gain of farmers.
其他識別: 99農科-9.3.1-檢-B2(4)
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