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標題: 建構四季豆整合性安全生產體系
Establish the Integrated Cultivation Practices for Safe Quality of Snap Bean
作者: 唐立正
關鍵字: 園藝, 植物保護類;技術發展;snap bean;四季豆;綜合防治;優質蔬菜;菜豆萎凋病;非化學農藥防治;土壤改良;安全肥培;integrated pest management;quality vegetable;Fusarium wilt of snap bean;non-chemical control;soil improvement;safe fertilization

This program aims on effectively controlling diseases and pests on snap bean and decreasing the applying of chemicals by using both the snap bean cultivars of anti-Fusarium wilt and non-chemical agent. In the other hand, the goal of decreasing chemical fertilizers will be achieved by soil analysis before snap bean planted and suitable advise on fertilizer applying. A strategy of safe snap bean cultivation will be completed with correct concept on controlling the diseases and pests and fertilizer applying.
其他識別: 99農科-4.2.3-糧-Z4(3)
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