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標題: 提升植物病蟲害防疫人員技術與知識計畫
Improve Plant Protection Worker's Technique and Knowledge Project
作者: 唐立正
關鍵字: 植物保護類;技術發展;Farmer education;教育訓練;診斷;病蟲害技術;Diagnosis;Pest management

Most of farmers in Taiwan sought advice from pesticide merchants when they met the problems of plant diseases and pests.?The purpose of this project is to improve plant protection worker's technique and knowledge via professional training. The training programs will be included diagnosis of plant pests and disease, real-time monitoring of pests of mango, and pest management.?Through this training, plant protection workers will suit the remedy to the case of plant disease and be helped in reducing pesticide spray in the field.?
其他識別: 99農科-9.2.2-檢-B5(4)
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