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標題: 台灣鋏蠓傳播黃質病毒之探討
Studies on the flaviviruses transmission of Forcipomyia taiwana
作者: 杜武俊
關鍵字: 公共衛生學, 生物科學類;應用研究;Forcipomyia taiwana;台灣鋏蠓;黃質病毒;小黑蚊;flavivirus;biting midge
台灣鋏蠓(Forcipomyia taiwana)為台灣本土昆蟲,俗稱小黑蚊,近年在全台各地猖獗發生,造成嚴重騷擾性危害。本計畫研究台灣鋏蠓雌蟲對登革病毒、日本腦炎病毒、屈公熱病毒等黃質病毒的感受性,並探討黃質病毒在雌蠓體內的複製情形,以及雌蠓是否具有將黃質病毒經口傳播出去的能力。本計畫將針對台灣鋏蠓雌蟲是否傳播黃質病毒做出具體結論。

Forcipomyia taiwana is a native-borne biting midge, and cause a very serious problem in past two decades in Taiwan. This project aimed at the susceptivle of female F. taiwana to flaviviruses, include dengue viures, Japanese encephalitis virus, and Chikungunya virus. This study also investigate the reproduction of flaviviruses in female F. taiwana and the virus transmission by female F. taiwana via oral rout.
其他識別: DOH100-DC-1028
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