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標題: 作物病蟲害整合性管理技術之開發(II)
Development of Integrated Management Technology for the Control of Plant Diseases and Pests (II)
作者: 林益昇
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
本計畫主要針對花卉、果樹和蔬菜等重點發展作物上所發生之重要病蟲害,研究其病原或蟲害之特性、發生生態、分類地位與診斷鑑定方法技術,繼而研擬整合性綜合防治管理技術,以減輕病蟲威脅,提升各項作物之競爭力與農民所得.另外,改進非農藥防治技術,提升其效果以增進農民實際應用之意願,期能降低農藥使用,維護生態環境平衡,符合永續經營之目標.在實際之執行面上,將著重於下列目標: I. 研發花卉作物種苗傳播之新病害鑑定及診斷技術,協助業者規劃合理去除病原菌之流程,以建立健康種苗供應體系.進一步瞭解各項病害之發生生態,並篩選適合之防治藥劑及其他無農藥之防治方法以達綜合防治目標.本項目今年度涵蓋彩色海芋軟腐病、白鶴芋根腐葉班病、文心蘭切花花梗腐敗病和火鶴花花腐病等. II. 探討柑桔黑點病及蓮霧果腐病之發生生態,改進其農藥之合理使用並開發無農藥之防治方法. III. 研發蔬菜之重大病害之綜合管理方式,尤其著重於無農藥之防治方法,包括抗病育種和抗病根砧之利用等.本項目今年度涵蓋穴盤蔬菜病害、瓜類作物萎凋病和蕃茄晚疫病等. IV. 以分子生物技術研發各種病害之核酸探針,供病害快速診斷之應用.本項目今年度涵蓋楊桃細菌性斑點病、穴盤蔬菜立枯病和露菌病等.

This project is aimed at the devastating disease and pest problems of important crops, including ornamental flowers, fruit trees and vegetables in Taiwan. The major framework of this study is to reveal the characteristics, taxonomic status and ecology of each pathogen and pest, to establish quick and precise diagnosis technology, and to develop effective control measures or the integrated pest management system. The attempt of this study is also to create or improve the non-chemical control measures for the diseases and pests in order to reduce the chemical residues in agricultural products, to preserve the balance of ecological environment and consequently to reach the goal of substantial agriculture system. The main research items of this year are as follow: I. To study the diseases that are disseminated through vegetative propagation procedure of ornamental flowers, to develop the indexing kits techniques, to establish pathogen-free propagation system for some of the economically important ornamental crops such as colored calla lily, Cylindrocladium root and petiole rot of pease lilies, the bacterial peducle rot of Oncidium and Anthurium spathe blight. II. To establish a more comprehensive IPM system for citrus black spot and fruit diseases of waxapple. III. To study the integrated control measures of vegetable diseases, especially sreeening for resistant varieties, resistant rootstocks and other non-chemical control measures. The target diseases for this fiscal year include tomato late blight, Fusarium wilt of cucurbitaceous plants, and black spot and root rot of muskmelon. IV. To develop DNA probes and proper PCR procedures for Rhizoctonia solani, downy mildew fungi and Pseudomonas syringae.
其他識別: 89科技-6.2-檢-63(z)
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