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標題: 利用農業廢棄物研發具有防治園藝作物病害效果的栽培介質
Utilization of Agriculture Wastes for Development of Container Media with Disease-Suppression Properties for Horticultural Crops
作者: 黃振文
關鍵字: 應用研究;Agricultural waste;農業化學類, 植物保護類;農業廢棄物;永續農業;抑病介質;有機堆肥;抑制植物病原;立枯絲核菌;番茄甜椒根腐菌;Sustainable agriculture;Disease suppressive media;Organic compost;Inhibiting plant pathogen;Rhizoctonia solani;Pythium myriotylum
其他識別: NSC86-2313-B005-059
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