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標題: 植物線蟲檢疫處理技術之改進
Improvement on Quarantine and Treatment Techniques on Plant Nematodes
作者: 蔡東纂
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
實驗室中開發線蟲培養技術, 而於中興大學農場, 設立線蟲隔離病圃及種源圃, 針對線蟲處理藥劑進行篩選, 將其區分為一般藥劑與燻蒸藥劑二類, 從初步試驗中找尋合適種類與方法, 利用有效之線蟲藥劑處理方法, 開發檢疫新技術.於中興大學農場, 設立隔離式microplot, 以感受性植物建立各種不同寄生方式線蟲種類之病圃.於隔離病圃中, 栽植可採收塊莖、塊根、根及葉片之植物, 如薑、甘藷、花卉種苗及草莓等, 作為檢疫處理之材料.本研究以不同寄生方式之線蟲作為檢疫處理之模式, 如根瘤線蟲及根腐線蟲內寄生於塊莖、塊根及根部; 葉芽線蟲外寄生於草莓心苞等.處理方式, 以化學、物理及栽培除疫等方法執行.試驗紀錄, 包括線蟲侵入部位, 組織內寄生之深部, 處理後蟲體及卵之殘存率等, 作為檢疫處理之評估標準.本研究擬結合世界上可用之化學資材及物理方法處理, 配合幾年來之研究心得全力執行, 企能有所突破.

In laboratory, development of cultural technique of plant-parasitic nematodes has been conducted.In order to select active nematicides, both plant-source field and plant-parasitic nematode-quarantined field have been established in NCHU test field.These test fields have divided into two fields for general and fumigate nematicides, suitable material and method have selected from primary experiments.Development of new quarantine technique has been conducted by using effective nematicides.Cultural field of different species of plant-parasitic nematodes has arranged by planting various plant parasitic nematodes-susceptible plants in separate microplots located at NCHU test field.In cultural field, ginger, sweet potato, flower, and strawberry have planted for quarantine materials.In this experiment, different quarantine treatment model has used from different parasitism of plant-parasitic nematodes.For examples, endoparasitic nematodes such as root-knot nematode and ectoparasitic nematodes such as leaf-bud nematode have treated by chemical, physical, and cultural method to quarantine.Test records includes which nematodes-infected plant part, how deep for nematode infected, and survival rate of nematode body and egg has been used for evaluation of quarantine-treatment.In research, planning to use the chemical materials and physical method for nematode-treatment and combine with practical experience to make it.
其他識別: 90農科-6.3.2-檢-B2(5)
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