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標題: 植物健康種苗檢查、驗證技術暨切花作物新發生球形病毒病害之分子檢測技術之開發
Development of Virus Detection Techniques Applied to the Virus-Free Inspection Schemes for Woody Ornamental Plants and Isolation, Characterization and Developing Molecular Detection Techniques of Lisianthus,Carnation and Calla Lily-Infecting Viruses
作者: 陳煜焜
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
木本觀賞植物之栽培期間所發生的病毒病害影響其生產與產業競爭力甚鉅。本計畫之目的乃: (1) 診斷鑑定木本觀賞植物之病毒病原, (2) 建立快速檢測技術, (3) 調查田間發生之概況, (4) 利用血清學技術及電顯技術篩檢木本觀賞作物之新病毒,以利將來建立更完整之健康種苗檢測技術及驗證體系。洋桔梗、康乃馨及彩色海芋為台灣及世界性具經濟重要性的重要花卉作物,已知有多種病毒會感染洋桔梗、康乃馨及彩色海芋並構成嚴重的經濟損失,過去台灣僅有少數零星的有關於球形病毒感染此等花卉作物的正式報告,加以進入WTO之後,國際種苗的交換及交易更加頻繁,為避免造成嚴重經濟損失,搜集、研發並建立快速及準確的病毒檢測工具為當務之急,本研究之目的為: (1) 建立國內外重要洋桔梗、康乃馨及彩色海芋球形病毒病害發生種類、特性、生態及檢測技術之基本資訊; (2) 建立廣泛性及專一性檢測感染洋桔梗、康乃馨及彩色海芋球形病毒的分子檢測技術; (3) 利用所建立的分子檢測技術調查台灣洋桔梗、康乃馨及彩色海芋之球形病毒的種類。另一方面,為了預防疫病蟲害藉由植物種苗散佈蔓延或是避免在送交病毒檢定過程中發生漏檢的現象,並提昇植物種苗及其產品品質,有必要積極研發在檢定過程中的抽樣方法。在本年度的計畫中,將從檢驗成本及實際染病比例進行抽樣方法的修正,以確實避免種苗疫病蟲害的感染,提昇產業之品質形象及其競爭力。

During the growing seasons of woody ornamental plants, virus infection is a serious problem and has become a limited factor for their cultivation as well as industrial competitiveness. The objectives of this project are (1) to characterize and identify the causal viruses of important woody plants; (2) to establish the detection methods for the viruses; (3) to survey the occurrence of the virus in the fields and (4) to screen other possible new viruses which infect woody ornamentals by using serological and electron microscopic techniques. Lisianthus, carnation and calla lily are economically important flower crops both in Taiwan and worldwide. They are affected by a large number of diseases of viral etiology that can cause substantial economic losses. Since there are not many reports regarding the isometric viruses infecting lisianthus, carnation and calla lily in Taiwan, developing approaches for the detection of viruses infecting these important flower crops become very important. The main objectives of this proposal are (1) to collect and establish basic information on the occurrence of viral diseases of lisianthus, carnation and calla lily; (2) to develop broad-spectrum and specific tools for diagnosis of isometric viruses infecting lisianthus, carnation and calla lily; and (3) to examine the possible existence of isometric viruses infecting lisianthus, carnation and calla lily in Taiwan. Through these efforts, we will be able to provide easy and reliable tools for detection and diagnosis of isometric viruses infecting lisianthus, carnation and calla lily in Taiwan and worldwide. In addition, to prevent the spreading of diseases and pests through the plant seedlings or to avoid the omitting of sample during the examination, it is necessary to improve the quality of the plant seedling. The sampling scheme of the certification system for the diseases and pests in the plant seedling should be developed actively. In this year, we will correct the sampling scheme of Phalaenopsis by considering the cost of the investigation and the infectious proportion of the diseases, so that the spreading of diseases and pests of plant seedling can be avoided completely and the competition ability and quality image of seedling industry can be improved.
其他識別: 93農科-1.8.1-檢-B4(3)
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