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標題: 研製內生細菌植物保護製劑防治作物病害
Formulation of Endobacterial Agents for Control of Crop Diseases
作者: 黃振文
關鍵字: 生物技術, 植物保護類;應用研究
往昔田間施用大量長殘效性化學農藥,產生殘留毒及抗藥性病原菌等問題,普遍受到社會大眾的關注,於是學者們嘗試利用有益微生物或其代謝產物,以研製低毒性、殘效短且具低環境污染性的生物性農藥或植物保護製劑,作為作物病害綜合管理的重要策略,確可有效減緩農用化學藥劑對人畜健康與生態環境的衝擊外,尚可維繫農業的永續經營。內生細菌普遍存在於各種植物組織中,其中屬於Bacillus、Pantoea及Pseudomonas屬的內生細菌大多數具有拮抗其他微生物與促進植物生長的能力,因此如何應用這些內生細菌,以研製微生物製劑是植病防治的重要工作。然而,微生物製劑的組成配方與其營養添加物,除可影響標的微生物的拮抗能力與儲架壽命外,亦可影響農作物的生育。此外,如何適時、適地,且有效的將微生物製劑導入作物病害綜合管理體系中,使其發揮優異的防病功效,也是研製微生物製劑過程不可忽視的重要評估項目。因此有必要探討內生細菌之培養特性及其與不同寄主作物、天然資材間的親和性,才能有效研發防治植物病害的內生細菌製劑,本計劃主要目的在於(1)篩選Bacillus mycoides菌種搭配優良的B. pumilus、Streptomyces padanus、Pseudomonas fluorescens菌株,用以研發出一種多功效的BM植物保護製劑;(2)探討多功效的BM植物保護製劑在溫室與田間的施用方法、防病功效及影響因子;及(3)探討多功效的BM植物保護製劑防治植物病害的原理與櫥架壽命。

The long-term use of chemical pesticides has not only created problems of the increasedcontamination of the environment and fungicide-resistant plant pathogens, but also hasconcerns of adverse effects on mammalian health. Biocontrol agents have been recognized asa potential method for control of plant diseases. Several factors affecting effectiveness of abiocontrol agent are known including production of biomass, enzymes and toxic metabolitesor competition for nutrients with the pathogen. In our laboratory, we have screened andselected several endophytic bacteria, such as Bacillus spp., Pseudomonas spp., and Pantoeaagglomerans, that are effective in suppressing the growth of plant pathogens and promotingthe growth of plants. Specifically, Bacillus mycoides is highly effective in controllingsoilborne diseases of tomato crop. Therefore, we try to develop the microbial formulationusing endophytic bacteria for biocontrol of plant pathogens and use the product as analternative or complementary strategy for management of plant diseases in organic farming orother sustainable agriculture systems. The objectives of this research project are to (1)develop a formulation the BM product based on using Bacillus mycoides to combine with B.pumilus、Streptomyces padanus、Pseudomonas fluorescens, (2) study efficacies and methodsof applying the BM product with multiple efficacies for control of plant diseases undergreenhouse and field conditions, (3) explore mechanism of the BM product for controllingplant diseases and study its shelf life.
其他識別: NSC96-2317-B005-018
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