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標題: 研製微生物蛋白製劑防治蔬菜土媒病害
Formulation of a Microbial Protein Product for Control of Soilborne Vegetable Diseases
作者: 黃振文
關鍵字: 應用研究;defense mechanisms;植物保護類;誘導抗病;微生物蛋白;elicitors;microbial protein formulation

The long-term use of chemical pesticides has not only created problems of theincreased contamination of the environment and fungicide-resistant plant pathogens,but also has concerns of adverse effects on mammalian. Biological control hasemerged as one of the most promising alternatives to chemicals because it mostlyexploits natural cycles with reduced environmental impact. Plant have evolveddiverse defense mechanisms to protect themselves against potential fungalpathogens, including hypersensitive cell death, phytoalexin biosynthesis, expressionof pathogenesis-related proteins, the oxidative burst, and local cell wallreinforcement. Induction of these defense responses requires recognition by themicroorganism-derived signals, collectively referred to as elicitors. Therefore, we tryto develop the microbial protein formulation for biocontrol of plant pathogens and usethe product as an alternative or complementary strategy for management ofvegetable diseases in organic farming or other sustainable agriculture system. Theobjectives of this research project are to (1) identify the efficacies and characteristicsof activator proteins extracted from plant fungal pathogens on suppressing soilbornevegetable diseases, (2) formulate a microbial protein product and study efficaciesand methods of applying the product for control of vegetable diseases undergreenhouse and field conditions, (3) understand the mechanism of the product forcontrolling vegetable disease and study its shelf life under different conditions.
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-035-MY3
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