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標題: 蘭花植物寄生性線蟲檢測探針之開發
Developing Detecting Probes for Orchids Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
作者: 陳珮臻
關鍵字: 生物技術, 植物保護類;基礎研究
國內蘭花產業具有極大競爭優勢,每年蘭展期間外銷訂單均超過10 億元。近年國內各地蘭花栽培業者於蘭花根系內,栽培水草介質或灌溉水中,皆曾發現具口針之線蟲。本研究團隊抽樣調查結果顯示,十幾家分布於台灣各地的蘭園的植株上皆有植物寄生性線蟲。經初步鑑定,多數蘭花根系內之線蟲屬葉芽線蟲屬。依據蘭園的調查結果,這些線蟲可能經由灌溉水或栽培介質而來,但確切的傳播因素至今尚未明瞭。先前研究的藥劑試驗結果顯示;殺線蟲藥劑目前無法有效將線蟲族群降低至檢疫零檢出的標準,而且其中幾種藥劑還會影響蘭花抽穗及花梗的形成。在這些考量之下,適時的預防措施會比撲滅病原線蟲要節省經營成本。且因植物寄生性線蟲在進出口檢疫上為重點檢疫對象,一但檢出恐對台灣蘭花外銷造成嚴重影響及危害,故需開發快速檢測方式。本研究團隊擁有全台灣最完整的葉芽線蟲種源保存以及其分生資料,在開發這些未鑑定之線蟲專一探針的過程,可以縮短許多時間。本計畫成果將可以幫助具有生物晶片技術之公司開發簡便的測試工具,希望利用簡便的操作以及數據判讀來探知線蟲的有無,減少檢測人事及設備的成本。開發此新產品也將有助業者控管栽培、防疫流程以及政府單位之進出口檢疫工作。

The orchid industry in Taiwan has great advantages in the international trading market. Theorders from the orchid festival held in Taiwan were exceeding 1 billion NT dollars for thelast few years. Orchid growers had found stylet-bearing nematodes from the orchid roots, theplanting moss and the irrigation water from their plantations. The preliminary survey resultsindicated that most orchid farms had plant parasitic nematodes, and the morphological datashowed these nematodes belong to Aphelenchoides genus. These plant parasitic nematodeswere suspected to be brought in to the farm via irrigation water or planting materials, but noconclusive evidences were found to support this theory. The previous control experimentsusing seven nematicides did not lower the nematodes to the none-detectable quarantine level;some would even cause flower deform and the orchid lost its economic value. Preventionwould be the best and economical tactic to manage this problem. Many plant parasiticnematodes are important quarantine pests, the licensed orchid farms were allowed to exportthe orchids with planting materials to USA, therefore, could not afford any risks for theexistence of quarantine nematodes in the exporting orchids. A rapid and efficient method todetect the plant parasitic nematodes on the orchids is necessary. Our research team had themost complete collection of Aphelenchoides isolates and their molecular data in Taiwan.These advantages would help shorting the process of developing the detecting probs. Theresults of this project could also help companies that have biochip developing skill toproduce a new product, which could help orchid farmers to rapidly screening their plantingmaterials, including irrigation water for the presence of the quarantine nematodes. The newproducts would also be a great advantage for our government to have for the quarantinepurpose.
其他識別: NSC99-2324-B005-009-MY2
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