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標題: 蕈狀芽胞桿菌植物保護製劑產品的研發與應用
Formulation of a Plant Protection Agent with Bacillus Mycoides and Its Application
作者: 黃振文
關鍵字: 生物技術;應用研究;Bacillus mycoides;cucurbit diseases;microbial pesticide;surfactin;green analytical techniques
在環保意識永續經營的理念下,以有益微生物或其代謝產物,研發低毒性、殘效短、及低環境污染的生物性農藥或植物保護製劑,藉以替代化學性農藥為當今作物病害綜合管理的重要策略。往昔在農業生物技術國家科技計畫支持下,我們已證明蕈狀芽孢桿菌(Bacillus mycoides, BM)之培養醱酵液具有顯著抑制植物病原菌及防治作物病害的效果;其中B. mycoides WT09、NP02及Ly01等菌株對瓜類蔬菜的鐮孢菌萎凋、白粉病及炭疽病,具有優良的防治效果外,更具有促進瓜類植株生長的特性。為了將這些蕈狀芽孢桿菌開發成商品化植物保護製劑產品,祈能儘速轉移給生技公司量產銷售。因此本計畫依據業界商品化的需求規劃成:(一)蕈狀芽孢桿菌(BM)植保製劑防治瓜類蔬菜病害之技術開發與抑制機制;(二)BM植保製劑之醱酵製程開發及配方調製;及(三)BM植保製劑有效綠色成分之分離與鑑定技術開發等三個子計畫,合作進行下列研究工作:(1)探討各B. mycoides 菌株之製劑在溫室與田間防治瓜類蔬菜病害的施用方法與效果,(2)分析B. mycoides 植物保護製劑的櫥架壽命,(3)探討B. mycoides菌株防治瓜類蔬菜病害的機制,(4)找出B. mycoides WT09、NP02及Ly01等菌株生產Surfactin的最適基質配方,(5)利用回應曲面法軟體找出生產Surfactin之最適基質濃度及培養條件,(6)探討快速誘發B. mycoides內生孢子發芽的因子,(7)開發BM植保製劑主要有效綠色成分之分離與鑑定技術。

Use of microbial pesticides for biocontrol of plant pathogens has been suggested asan alternative or complementary strategy for managing plant diseases in sustainableagriculture system. In our laboratory, we have screened and selected many biocontrolagents, such as Bacillus mycoides WT09, NP02, and Ly01 that are effective in reducingdisease severity of melon fusarial wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. meloni,cucumber powdery mildew caused by Sphaerotheca fuliginea and cucumber anthracnosecaused by Colletotrichum orbiculare. Based on our studies, the three isolates of B.mycoides are potential candidates for developing biocontrol products. Therefore, weorganize a team to formulate a plant protection agent with B. mycoides for controllingcucurbit vegetable crop diseases. In order to quickly transfer the biocontrol product toBiotech Co. for commercialization, building up its application methods, fermentedprocedures, quality control and quality assurance system is required. The objectives of thisresearch project are to (1) study efficacies and methods of applying the B. mycoidesproducts for control of cucurbit vegetable crop diseases under greenhouse and filedconditions, (2) analyze shelf life of the B. mycoides products, (3) explore mechanisms ofthe B. mycoides products for controlling vegetable crop diseases, (4) study the cultivationcondition of B. mycoides on surfactin production, (5) analyze the optimal conditons ofcultivation by using Response Surface Methodology, (6) evaluate the endosporegermination by testing various additives, medium formulation, and by dissolved oxygenimprovement, and (7) develop green analytical techniques for indentifying and monitoringthe active components in the manufacture processes and the final product.
其他識別: NSC100-2324-B005-007
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