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標題: 侷限導管細菌快速診斷技術之開發與應用
Development and application of rapid diagnostic techniques for Xylella fastidiosa
作者: 鄧文玲
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification, LAMP;植物保護類;恆溫環形核酸增幅法;侷限導管細菌;葡萄皮爾斯病;xylem-limited bacteria;Pierce's disease
由於葡萄皮爾斯病 (Pierce’s disease, PD) 與梨樹葉緣焦枯病 (PLS) 均為侷限導管細菌 Xylella fastidiosa 引發的病害,此病原細菌危害寄主植物後至病徵呈現需經過一段較長的時間,因此一旦肉眼檢視出病害徵狀,植物可能罹病已久,加上此病原細菌可藉由媒介昆蟲的傳播、擴散,且時至今日 X. fastidiosa 並無合適的化學防治藥劑,因此 X. fastidiosa 對葡萄與梨樹產業而言是一個嚴重的危害因子。為了掌握本病原細菌於台灣的分布及發病環境、以及病媒昆蟲之生態特性,本計畫擬針對台灣的 PD 菌株進行分析,建立一種快速、簡便、準確的分子診斷技術,可應用於檢驗田間疑似 PD 感染之葡萄植株以及調查可能媒介 PD 的昆蟲與檢測雜草寄主植物,並釐清國內 PD 菌株與另一株可引起梨樹葉緣焦枯病的 X. fastidiosa PLSB 菌株是否分屬不同的分類地位,以作為未來調查媒介昆蟲及田間病害管理的依據。

Pierce's disease and pear leaf scorch disease are both elicited by xylem-limited fastidious bacterium <i>Xylella fastidiosa</i>. Due to the fastidious characteristics of the causal agent, it often takes a long time for the disease symptom to develop after the plants are infected with the bacterium. Once the symptom becomes visible, the plant might have been affected by the pathogen for a long time; in addition, the bacterium can be transmitted by insect vectors, leading to the widespread of the diseases before people's awareness. When the disease epidemics occur, there are no available chemical pesticides for controlling the disease. The objective of the proposal is to investigate the biological characteristics of the PD strains isolated from the grapevines in Taiwan and to develop a simple, quick, and accurate molecular detection technique for the X. fastidiosa strains that can be applied in identifying their insect vectors and other host plants in the fields.
其他識別: 101農科-10.2.1-檢-B4(2)
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