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標題: Family 19抗真菌性幾丁質分解酵素在作物病害綜合防治管理之應用
Potential Application of Family 19 Antifungal Chitinases in Crop Disease Management
作者: 曾德賜
關鍵字: 應用研究;Family 19 Antifungal Chitinases;植物保護類;Family 19抗真菌性幾丁質分解酵素;病害綜合防治;ChiF轉基因蕃茄;ChiF轉基因菸草;抗病基因表現;Disease Management;ChiF Gene Transgenic Tomato;ChiF Gene Transgenic Tobacco;Resistance Gene Expression
本年度計畫將繼續從Streptomyces griseobrunneus S3 (SGS3)選殖其葡萄聚糖水解酵素全長核酸序列,除解析酵素特性外,並利用先前建立之ChiF轉型系統,進一步將其轉型至已建構完成之ChiF蕃茄轉型植株,以發展其於病害防治管理上之應用性。另外針對目前計畫工作中所獲得ChiF轉基因蕃茄之不孕性問題,將以含外泌序號之ChiF基因再次嘗試轉型,以期能獲得T2後裔。至於目前計畫中已經自交後獲得T2後代種子之轉基因菸草,則將重複自交繁殖及基因表現與抗病性篩選測定,期能篩選獲得自交純系後代以供栽培與育種之用。

In the continued work, the use of chitinase as the enforcement in Streptomyces conferred biocontrol effectiveness will be implemented in an adjunct biofungicide development project. We would like to focus our attention primarily on the potential application of these transgenic lines in disease resistance. For transgenic tobacco, the spectrum of disease resistance will be examined and screening works will be continued to obtain the pure line for resistance breeding. Whereas for transgenic tomato, as the transgenic ASVEG No. 6 lines obtained all appeared to be non-fertile, the transformation will be further attempted by use of the secretary signal sequence containing construct. Also, since the microbial chitinase conferred disease resistance would be better off with the addition of B-1,3-glucanse, the system established will be applied to clone the B-1,3-glucanase gene from the test bacteria; its potential use in preparation of disease resistant transgenic tomatoes will be likewise evaluated.
其他識別: 95農科-1.2.1-國-I3(2)
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