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標題: 抗真菌性細胞壁分解酵素在作物病害綜合防治管理之應用
Potential Application of Antifungal Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes in Crop Disease Management
作者: 曾德賜
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
本延續計畫之主要目的在進一步探討源自本土分離抗真菌性鏈黴菌Streptomyces griseobrunneus SGS3菌株所產生的Chi18bA幾丁質分解酵素與β-1,3-葡萄聚醣分解酵素於植物病害防治上之應用性。從SGS3菌株中成功選殖之chi18bA基因全長序列,已成功利用表現載體於大腸桿菌大量表現蛋白,本延續計畫除將進一步分析Chi18bA蛋白特性,另將以製備完成之Chi18bA多元抗體應用於後續生物重要性角色闡明等相關研究。此外,本計畫中有關β-1,3-葡萄聚醣分解酵素對應基因全長序列之選殖與酵素蛋白特性研究仍將持續嘗試。至於在應用性開發方面,本年度計畫中將進行chi18bA轉殖載體之製備,並進而製備具有外泌訊號序列之chi18bA與chi19F轉型菸草,以供進一步抗病性測試之用。

The main objective of this continued project is to explore the potential use of Streptomyces griseobrunneus SGS3-derived chitinase (Chi18bA) and β-1,3-glucanase in plant disease management. In the previous works the full length chi18bA sequence was cloned and the purified enzyme protein was prepared from a chi18bA transformed E. coli. In the continued work the enzyme characteristics will be investigated, and an enzyme specific antiserum will be used to elucidate its role in the mycoparasitism in compared to that of Chi19F. The effort will be also directed to cloning and characterization of the β-1,3-glucanase from the same bacterium. For disease management application, the transformation vector from chi18bA will be constructed. The preparation of a leading signal peptide containing chi18bA and chi19F transgenic tobacco (cv. TT No.5) will be further attempted for later use in disease resistance screening.
其他識別: 97農科-4.1.2-國-I1(4)
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