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標題: 台灣半導體廠商因應全球不景氣之策略 -以DRAM產業為例
The strategy of Taiwan''s semiconductor manufacturers responding to the global recession -base DRAM industry as an example
作者: 盧建廷
Lu, Chien-Ting
關鍵字: 節能減碳;energy conservation and carbon reduction;要求紓困;產業整合再造;request for government's bailout;industry integration and renovation
出版社: 環境工程學系所

The semiconductor industry is one of the economic lifelines in Taiwan. The global financial storm resulted from the USA's subprime mortgage has caused the world economy to wither, the consumer confidence index to descend, and the market demand to obviously retard. Most of the global semiconductor manufacturers have suffered loss; some larger ones even have already announced their bankruptcy. Being the highest-density place in this industry, Taiwan can not be an exception in the giant financial storm.
This study probed into solutions for the DRAM sector in Taiwan semiconductor industry to the greatest economic depression in the history of semiconductor; it initially researched on the whole industry, analyzing those response strategies which were collected from each manufacturer and divided into three categories as “self assistance”, “people's assistance”, and “God's assistance”. The portion of self assistance included “production cut”, “personnel cost reduction” and “energy conservation and carbon reduction”. The portion of people's assistance comprised “strategic alliance”, “request for bailout” and “industry integration and renovation”. As for the portion of God's assistance, it meant the economy revived, the consuming market flourished and the demand increased.
Low-pollution technology and industries are what we need to pursue, as “energy saving and carbon reduction” is not merely a slogan. Taking the process water-using in the semiconductor industry as example, manufacturers in Hsinchu Science Park have paid much attention to wastewater recycling after experiencing the crisis of water shortage in 2002. Current strategies regarding water management mainly focus on recycling equipment to improve the recycling efficiency but neglect the diversion planning of drain system. The enhancement of water saving, and the development and management of water resources should be equally emphasized as well as to establish a perfect procedure of water management in order to make sure the sufficient supply.
This economic depression is the severest one since the World War II, even large enterprises in the western countries have faced the difficult situation to go bankruptcy or to request bailout from the government. However, the constitution of Taiwan enterprises is more robust. So far there is not any large enterprise in Taiwan which has gone bankruptcy. It is believed that Taiwan's importance in the global semiconductor industry will be significantly enhanced as long as these enterprises in Taiwan can eventually get through this crisis.
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