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標題: 辣椒炭疽病菌株(Colletotrichum acutatum)對寄主抗病物質之解毒能力研究
The Study of the Detoxification of Host Defense Substances by Chili Pepper Pathogen Colletotrichum acutatum
作者: 李敏惠
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Anthracnose;植物保護類, 園藝;炭疽病;辣椒炭疽病菌;致病因子;解毒;Colletotrichum acutatum;Pathogenicity Factors;Detoxification
炭疽病菌為泛寄主之重要病菌,主要感染木瓜、芒果、草莓及辣椒之果實,造成經濟重大損失,但對於此病菌對亞熱帶果實之致病機制尚有許多未釐清之處。我們發現辣椒炭疽病菌(C. acutatum )之解毒能力可能為其致病之重要因子之ㄧ。本年度之計畫主要探討辣椒炭疽病菌之ABC transporter及laccase 對寄主產生防禦物質之解毒能力。本研究之長程計畫目標為了解辣椒炭疽病菌之重要致病因子及建立偵測模式,並期能藉由此一研究模式的設立,將來可應用於其他重要炭疽病菌且有明顯季節限制之作物如木瓜及芒果之相關研究,以期在未來能對病害的防治提供有用之資訊。架構(重要工作項目):a.辣椒炭疽病菌ABC transporter 及laccase 基因之分離。b.辣椒防禦物質之萃取。c.辣椒萃取物對辣椒炭疽病菌之生長及解毒基因表現之影響。預期效益:(1)了解辣椒炭疽病菌之解毒機制。(2)提供抗病育種之有用資訊

Program goals:Colletotrichum is a broad host range pathogen causing anthracnose on papaya, mango, strawberry and hot pepper and therefore resulting in severe losses in fruit yields. However, the pathogenicity of Colletotrichum on tropic fruits is not well understood. We have found that the ability to detoxify host defense substances might be involved in C. acutatum virulence to chili pepper. The aim of this year project is to investigate the involvement of ABC transporter and laccase produced by C. acutatum in the detoxification of toxic metabolites generated by host chili pepper. The goals of the long-term project are to find out the important pathogenicity factors of C. acutatum and to setup the standard protocols for pathogenicity factors measurements. In addition, the measurements of pathogenicity factors will be able to be applied on other important anthracnose diseases, especially on those of tropic fruits with long growing season. The results of this study will provide useful information for disease control in the future. Framework:a.ABC transport and laccase gene isolation from C. acutatumb.Defense substances extraction from chili pepperc.The effect of host extracts on the growth and detoxification gene expression of C. acutatum.Expected benefits:1. Understanding the detoxification of C. acutatum to chilli pepper.2. Provide useful information on the breeding for disease resistance.
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.4-檢-B6(2)
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