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標題: 十字花科蔬菜病害綜合管理技術之研發與應用
Development and Application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Cruciferous Vegetables
作者: 黃振文
關鍵字: 技術發展;curuciferous vegetables;植物保護類, 園藝;十字花科蔬菜;病害綜合管理 IPM、生產技術;不結球白菜;production technology;Brassica rapa ssp. chinensis
十字花科植物包括蘿蔔、甘藍、結球白菜、花椰菜、青花菜、芥菜及小白菜類等,是台灣最大之蔬菜家族,具有極高之經濟重要性。台灣地處於熱帶及亞熱帶地區,全年高溫多濕,病、蟲、雜草滋生容易,栽培管理十分困難。因此如何施行健康管理技術,以維持作物健康生長,同時可以減少農藥使用,最終達到收獲安全衛生產品並兼顧環境保護,已然是現代農業生產所追求之目標。健康管理首重優良抗病品種之篩選以及健康種苗之繁殖。其次則是維持土壤與環境之最佳狀態,是作物得到最大生長量與最高品質。土壤管理包括酸鹼度、EC值、有機質含量、施肥強度與灌溉排水管理;環境管理則包括溫度、日照、溼度、風、雪等。如此再加上在生育各階段配合施行非農藥之栽培管理技術(cultural managements),則蔬菜作物健康管理生產技術,應可得到發揮效果。因此本計畫之目的擬就十字花科重要蔬菜中的不結球白菜,優先探討品種間抗病性之差異進行篩選,同時配合不同土壤管理與健康栽培管理技術,以達減少病害發生之目的,同時收到農藥減量與環境保護之效果。

Cruciferous vegetables, including raddish, cabbage, chinese cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, mustard and bok choy etc., are high production vegetables in Taiwan, and output value is highly. However, Taiwan belong subtropical and tropical area, and the practical management is diffical because of high temperature and humidity causing many diseases in field. Consequently, developing health management technology for keeping plant growth and decreaing chemical pesticides is an important goal of food safety and environmental protection. For improving crop growth and quality, the strategy of crop health management includes screening resistant line, propagation of health seedling, and creating good situation of soil and environment. For instance, control of pH value, EC value, organic material, fertilizer application and water irrigation in soil are considered as important factors of improving crop growth. Meanwhile, temperature, light, humidity, wind and snow are another important factors effecing agricultural environemt. Thus, integration of different method is considereded as an important idea to develop vegetables health management. The objective of this project is 1) screening resistant/sensitive line of bok choy to anthracnose and black leaf spot and 2) combining soil and cultural management for ruduing diseases, decreasing chemical pesticides and environmental protection.
其他識別: 99農科-9.2.2-檢-B2(1)
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