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標題: 蔬菜種傳病毒檢測工具與技術之開發
Development of the Tools and Techniques for Detecting Seed-borne Viruses of Economically Important Vegetable Crops
作者: 陳煜焜
關鍵字: 技術發展;Leguminosa;生物技術, 植物保護類, 農藝;豆科;種傳病毒;病毒檢測;seed-borne viruses;virus detection
病毒藉由寄主的種子傳播是一個普遍的現象,因而造成種子在進出口時常成為檢疫的對象。本計畫將針對數種重要的蔬菜種傳病毒開發種子檢測工具和檢測技術,以利種子檢疫工作之遂行。本年工作以豆科蔬菜之種傳病毒為主要檢測對象。工作項目包括病毒外鞘蛋白基因之選殖與定序、病毒抗血清之製備與血清學試驗等預期將可產出專一性抗血清、分子探針與引子對,並發展包括ELISA, RT-PCR, IC-RT-PCR等技術,供種子檢測之用。

Plant viruses can be transmitted by their hosts' seeds. This common phenomenum makes plant seed an inspection target of quranteen. This project will develop detection tools and techniques for the inspection scheme of some important seed-borne viruses of vegetables. The viruses infecting Leguminoseae crops will be focused. The viruses will be isolated and purified, the viral CP genes will be cloned and sequenced, and the specific antisera as well as molecular probes will be produced. The produced tools, i.e. antisera, probes, primers, etc, and the developed techniques will provide sensitive and reliable ways of detection for the inspection scheme of vegetable seed-borne viruses.
其他識別: 99農科-9.4.1-檢-B1(3)
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