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標題: Jacques Derrida解構教育學之研究
A Study of Jacques Derrida's Pedagogy of Deconstruction
作者: 王俊斌
關鍵字: 教育學;基礎研究;Deconstruction;解構;倫理困境;正義;全球化;後教育學;Ethical Aporia;Justice;Globalization;Post(e)-Pedagogy
人類文明目前的境遇如同歐坎剃刀(Occam’s Razor)的預示,全球化步伐必然會反向地迫使人類面對各種屬於我們這個時代的倫理困境(ethical aporiai ofour time),而且種種新的倫理關係(例如民主制度與文明衝突、生態問題與環境殖民主義的剝削關係、反球化或多元文化論述的理念弔詭、以及新科技文明與傳統價值的崩解)更是人類未曾經歷過的。在此種脈絡下,Derrida 的解構思想不但能清楚地體現當代倫理困境的問題性(problematicity of aporiai),它更能被具體轉化為一種「後教育學」(Post(e)-Pedagogy)視野。由於解構教育學之理論並沒有受到國內教育學者太多的關注,因此,本研究計畫擬以「Jauques Derrida 解構教育學之研究」為主題,期待藉由晚期Derrda 著作以及國外近期針對Derrida晚期思想之相關研究文獻,深入研究晚期Derrida 涉及解構倫理(特別是與正義、法律、友愛、人權等議題有關)討論之「理論研究層面」、依據解構思維開展出解構倫理以及後教育視野的「理念轉化應用層面」、以及體現解構教育學精神性之可能及其困境之「理想層面」等三個不同面向。

The plight of human civilization is always as the fatal prediction of Occam'sRazor, without doubt, globalizing process continuingly compel people to confrontethical aporiai of our time, e.g. post-democratic institution and clash of civilizations,eco-crisis and deprivation of environmental colonization, anti-global movement andparadox of multicultural discourse). In this ethical apriai context, Jacques Derrida'sdeconstruction theory is not only clear to present the problematicity of ethical aporiai,but also to be transformed a new horizon of concrete ‘Post(e)-Pedagogy'from.Because of Taiwan's educational researchers do not pay enough attention on the topicof pedagogy of deconstruction, therefore, the aims of this research proposal areincluded, first, inquiring latter Derrida's writings and analyzing important literaturesto embody theoretical dimension of deconstructive pedagogy, secondly, unfoldingthose implications of deconstructive ethics and Post(e)-Pedagogy to present thistransformative-applicative dimension, finally, seizing the spirituality of deconstructivediscourses and reflecting its practicable problems to recheck the dimension of idealrealizing possibilities.
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-051
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