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標題: Cultivation of King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii) Mushroom Used Alternative Substrate with Several Lignocellulose-rich Waste Materials.
作者: 林慧玲
關鍵字: Sugarcane bagasse;蔗渣;園藝;sawdust;king oyster mushroom;rice straw;Lignocellulose-rich waste materials;Sugarcane leaves;鋸木屑;杏鮑菇;稻草;園藝作物殘質;蔗葉;技術發展

The king oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) is a popular and important mushroom among the species industrially cultivated and high values on the international market. In the last three year, we have established the optimal growth environmental condition for Pleurotus eryngii, but the media chemical and physical characteristic in PE bag culture is rarely research. Wood dust is major lignin source in PE bag medium, but it's source would be reduce in the future. There are lignocelluloses-rich wastes are unused in Taiwan. Most of studies about mushroom have been directed towards finding alternative substrates, and they include: sawdust from different tree, species, sugarcane bagasse, straw, grass. The aim of the present study is that evaluate some abundant lignocellosic by products in Taiwan for king oyster cultivation and increased the quality and yield.
其他識別: 101農科-9.2.2-糧-Z2(10)
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