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標題: 扇形文心蘭花色育種(三)
Flower color breeding of Erycina pusilla 3
作者: 張正
關鍵字: 技術發展;breeding;園藝;育種;扇形文心蘭;試管花;Erycina pusilla;in vitro flowering

In this year, we will carry on collecting Oncidium species and varieties as breeding materials. We will also select and investigate those in vitro and in vivo hybrid seedlings after natural winter low temperature treatment. The selection goals of miniature pot flower are having lateral buds, erect plant shape, the proportion of stem length and moderate height, and short juvenility. The test tube flowers selection will be focus on those flowering in vitro, with fan-shaped leaves, plants less than 1 aspect ratio, red flower color, many flowers open at the same time, short stem and long flowering period. Those selection plants will be indentified by cytological methods. In order to increase breeding efficiency, test tube inside and outside temperature and chemicals will be examined to regulate plant development and flowering both in vitro and in vivo. In addition, a new breeding method of Erycina pusilla intergeneric hybrids will be established to overcome the fruit developmental disorders of hybrids.
其他識別: 101農科-9.2.2-糧-Z3(10)
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