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標題: Improvement of Production Techniques for Winter Rose Cut Flower in Kao-Shiung and Pin-Tung Area (III)
高屏地區冬季玫瑰花切花生產栽培技術改進 (III)
作者: 朱建鏞
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
Southern area of Kao-Pin River has warm weather in winter, it's favorable for winter rose production.With financial support from COA, rose cultivation reached 33ha in 1987.But it lasts for only one year before production area drop.The reason for production drop is the growth of rose plant decline in summer due to the hot and wet weather.The growth decline will last to next winter and the second year production is influenced.This experiment is going to use single node cutting in patterned 2-inch pot for preventing pan root formation.Rose seedlings will be kept in pots for 4month before planted in the field with bent shoot cultivation method to build up an annual system for rose cut flower production in Kao-Shung and Pin-Tong area.With this annual system, cut flower production will begin in late November each year.A physiological disorder symptom on rose flower was frequently found in Kao-Pin area rose filed.It is assumed to be the result of improper fertilization.We will perform a hydroponics experiment incorporated with leaf analysis to find out the correlation between the symptom and mineral nutrition.With diagnostic knowledge, a proper nutrition level will be recommended, and a reasonable fertilization method for this specific rose cultivation is the final goal for this research.

高屏溪以南冬季溫暖, 是生產冬季玫瑰花的好地方.民國76年在農委會支持下, 栽培面積高達33公頃, 然僅維持一年.究其推廣失敗的原委是因玫瑰花為多年生木本花卉, 一年生以上玫瑰在高溫多雨的夏天植株衰敗, 到當年冬季仍未恢復生長勢.本試驗在高屏地區以單節扦插苗植於防止盤根之專利花盆2吋盆中4個月後, 配合偃枝栽培方式以一年生作物栽培模式栽培, 期能在11月底開始生產切花.另因高屏地區玫瑰花之切花栽培常有花苞異常徵狀, 影響切花品質, 並使產量降低, 造成收入減少.其原因可能與肥培管理不當有關, 因此本年研究目標從找出生理異常症狀與植物營養之關係開始, 並以水耕試驗尋求合理肥培參考值.本年研究工作在改良偃枝栽培方法部份擬利用延遲偃枝時間或利用雙層偃枝法控制產期, 提高情人節前之玫瑰花切花產量.在肥培管理改進部份則從生理異常症狀與植物營養之關係確認開始, 再以水耕栽培人為誘發營養缺乏症及以葉片分析推薦適量施肥參考值, 配合溫室栽培訂定合理肥培方法.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z7(9)
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