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標題: 熱帶著生蘭栽培介質改進之研究 (II)
The Improvement of Growing Media for Tropical Epiphytic Orchid Plant Production (II)
作者: 王才義
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
熱帶著生蘭( 石斛蘭、文心蘭、蝴蝶蘭和嘉德利蘭等 ), 除可做為切花外, 也是很理想的盆花, 惟應解決其栽培介質來源和再生性, 以降低環境污染.本計畫擬建立熱帶著生蘭有機栽培介質調配與水養份管理方法.有關熱帶著生蘭水養份的研究報告不多, 僅少數幾篇對蝴蝶蘭與嘉德利蘭的探討.再者盆花生產水養份管理問題, 應與栽培介質合併研究才更具意義.首先蒐集評估可供盆花生產之植物材料後, 調配有機栽培介質測定其理化性, 然後再以石斛蘭和文心蘭軟盆培養, 進行水養份管理方法研究.最後建立熱帶著生蘭有機栽培介質調配, 及水養份管理方法, 供組合盆花生產業者參考.預期可增加台灣盆花市場產品的多樣化, 減少盆花介質貯運重量, 因有機栽培介質具有可再生性, 故可達到廢棄物減量.

A variety of tropical epiphytic orchids, such as Dendrobium, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis and Cattleya, not only could be used as cut flowers but also could be as ideal pot flowers.However, the problem comes how to get good growing media and the environment issue should be consider if potting media were not recycled easily.Research on nutrition of tropical orchids is limited except that on Cattleya and Phalaenopsis.Also, the water relations and fertilizer regimes have to be formulated for potting orchids depending on the medium on which the orchids are grown.In order to formulate the organic media for epiphytic orchids, the project will be planned to collect and evaluate several epiphytic orchids firstly, by using laboratory methods to measure the physical and chemical properties of media.After that selected Dendrobium and/or Oncidium orchids will be cultured in soft plastic pots to investigate their water and fertilizer regimes.The results will be a good guide for pot flower growers.Finally, the diversity of pot flower in Taiwan floral market, decreasing transportation cost and reducing waste pollution could be expected because of using recycled organic growing media.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z7(7)
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