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標題: 芹菜連作障礙之研究
Studies on Successive Cropping Problems in Celery
作者: 李文汕
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
本計畫擬以本地種芹菜西螺白骨種為材料, 探討芹菜連作障礙等問題.主要研究項目包括: 芹菜根分泌液收集及分析與鑑定; 影響物質之生物檢定; 以及檢測芹菜淋洗液對容器栽培白菜、芹菜、萵苣等聲譽之影響.預期對芹菜對芹菜連作障礙的現象、致因、及發生機制得以瞭解, 進而研擬改善對策, 解決芹菜周年穩定生產之問題.

Experiments will be conducted to study the successive cropping problems in celey.Local celery cultivar `Si-Lo White'will be used as plant materials in this study.The main research aspects are listed as follows.( 1 )to identify and quantify the allelopathic compounds from celery leachent; ( 2 )to conduct biological tests on seed germination of celery、Pakchai、lettuce with possible allelopathic chemicals from celery leachent, and, ( 3 )to practically test the allelopathic effect of celery in container grown leafy vegetables.Results obtained from the study may be used to clarify the cause and mechanism of the successive planting problems of celery crops, and can be further applied to solve the problems encountered by the farmers.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z6(9)
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