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dc.contributor.authortsan, chao wenen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究主要探討台中沿海地區濕沉降的化學組成和酸雨管制策略之成效,藉由蒐集分析沙鹿測站之空氣品質資料及量測2002年~2003年台中沿海地區酸雨成分,進而瞭解目前執行之SO2及NOx管制策略之成效。雨水的樣本取自沙鹿測站,採樣期程從2002年5月至2003年4月,總共收集59個有效雨水樣本,主要分析雨水的pH值、Cl-、NO3-、SO4=、Na+、NH4+、K+、Mg2+及Ca2+濃度。 台中沿海地區雨水偏酸性,其加權pH年平均值為4.7,SO4=和NO3-年平均加權濃度分別為42.0及32.2 μeq L-1,與過去(1991年~1999年)台中沿海地區雨水數據比較,SO4=減少0.5倍,顯示臺中縣政府實施電力業及鋼鐵業加嚴排放標準之管制成效;然NO3-則增加約1.2倍。與東亞國家日本及韓國比較,其SO4=濃度差異甚小,然本地NO3-濃度則分別高出2.1及1.3倍,顯示台中沿海地區雨水中NO3-濃度偏高,可能受到移動性污染源的影響。至於中和物種NH4+及Ca2+年平均加權濃度分別為44.0及15.7 μeq L-1,和台中沿海地區往年相比NH4+亦有偏高之情形。季節性影響方面,冬季時期台灣地區盛行東北季風,在此季風下台中沿海地區雨水SO4=濃度均較其他季節高,除了SO4=之外其他污染物濃度也均有明顯增加,尤以SO4=/NO3-增加較為顯著。 由相關資料可知SO2之管制成效以固定污染源為主,NOx管制以移動污染源為主,但由於長程輸送主要源自中國大陸,過去數年硫氧化物(SOx)排放量尚持續成長中,因此境外長程輸送的影響可能某種程度抵消台灣地區污染減量的努力,未來欲改善台灣地區酸雨污染,必須從台灣地區本身污染減量與推動或參與兩岸與國際之污染減量協議兩方面著手。並提供就政策、經濟及技術相關層面之減量方向供臺中縣政府參考。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis study mainly investigated the chemical compositions of wet precipitation in Taichung coastal area and to assess the impact of acid rain control tactics . The air quality data at Shalu station were analyzed in order to evaluate the temporal changes of SO2 and NOx。The rain samples were also collected at Shalu station during the period from May 2002 to April 2003. Totally 59 samples were collected for analyzing the pH and the concentrations of Cl-,NO3-,SO4=,Na+,NH4+,K+,Mg2+ and Ca2+. The result showed that the average volume-weighted pH value in Taichung coastal area was 4.7 and the volume-weighted concentrations of SO4= and NO3- were 42.0 and 32.2 μeq L-1, respectively. The concentrations of SO4= measured in this study were only 50 % as compared to those obtained in 1991~1999. Such improvement indicated the effect of the enhanced emission standard for the electricity and the steel industry in the Harbor area. The present data also showed that the SO4= concentrations were the same level as the data measured in Japan and Korea. However the NO3- concentrations were about 2.1 times higher than those in Japan and 1.3 times higher as compared to those in Korea. Higher nitrate concentrations might be affected by the local mobile emissions. The neutralizing species were NH4+ and Ca2+ which concentrations were 44.0 and 15.7 μeq L-1,respectively . It was also found that the concentrations of NH4+ were higher than those in the previous years. Regarding the seasonal variations of SO4=,both of SO4= and SO4=∕NO3- were the highest in the winter. Extensive research had shown the control strategies for the acid rain were to abate the SO2 emissions from the fixative pollution sources and the NOx emissions from the local mobile sources. However the increasing long range transported SO2 from the mainland China could offset the effort on reducing the emissions from the local sources. Therefore the control strategies for SO2 were not only to reduce the local emissions,but also should establish an international cooperation to abate the acidic pollutants. The control tactics for the acidic pollutants were summarized in this study.zh_TW
dc.description.tableofcontents一 前言 二 背景資料 三 研究方法 四 量測分析 五 結果討論 六 結論 七 建議zh_TW
dc.titleThis study mainly investigated the chemical compositions of wet precipitation in Taichung coastal area and to assess the impact of acid rain control tactics .en_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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