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標題: 蝴蝶蘭組培瓶苗增殖與品質影響因子之研究
Micropropagation of Phalaenopsis and Effect of Factors on Quality of Plantlets Cultured in Vitro
作者: 林瑞松
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
蝴蝶蘭之栽培面積快速增加,並有種苗外銷,已構成國際性之花卉產業,種苗之需求量增加,種苗之品質攸關於中苗及開花株之生育,種苗之品質常受培養基及環控條件之影響與逆境因子之作用.本計畫之目的在瞭解組培業者繁殖瓶內氣體與瓶苗不正常畸形苗品質異常之相關性以作為形態指標之參考,並分析瓶苗植體成分ACC含量.並以解剖鏡檢調查環境因子對瓶苗之生育影響,檢討最後定植之子瓶栽植密度對品質之影響,探討培養基成分糖濃度、生長調節劑、天然添加物香蕉對瓶苗品質之影響.本計畫之重要工作項目及實施方法: 1. 不正常瓶苗之瓶內氣體及植體成分ACC含量分析. 2. 定植子瓶瓶苗栽植密度對瓶苗品質之影響試驗. 3. 培養基成分糖濃度、添加物、生長調節劑對瓶苗生育之影響試驗. 4. 溫度及光照對瓶苗品質之影響試驗.本計畫之預期效益敘述如下: 1. 瞭解種苗業者之蝴蝶蘭瓶苗品質不正常不整齊之原因及生理性狀調查. 2. 促進瓶苗生育找出瓶苗在瓶內之生長空間最符經濟效益株數符合企業化生產. 3. 尋求良好培養基及糖濃度添加物之配方. 4. 瞭解環境因子溫度光線對瓶苗品質之影響提供業者參考,建立生產管理體系.

Phalaenopsis production increased rapidly in recent years. Nursery plantlets of phalaenops are exported to foreign countries and has become an international floricultural industry. The demand of nursery plantlets supply increases as well. The quality of plantlets influence the growth and development on plantlets and bloom plants. The quality of plantlets is affected by medium and environmental control and stress factors. The purpose of this project is to understand the relationship between flask gas and abnormal plantlet in vitro which cultured by commercial propogators then suggest as morphological index, also 1-aminocyclopropan carboxylic acid which exist in those plantlets will be analyzed. The microscopic observation of anatomy will be investigated to see how the stress factors affect flask plantlets in vitro. To test and pursue the final plantlet density in flask will evaluate the effect on plantlet quality. How the quality of plantlets in vitro being affected by medium, sucrose concentration plant growth regulators and nature additive banana preparation will be studied. The experimental protocols and working items are described as follow. At first, analyzing malformation plantlets and flask gas and ACC which existed in plantlet tissue. The second, testing the density of plantlets in vitro affecting on the quality of plantlets. The third, testing the cultured medium which contain sucrose, additives, plant growth regulators affecting the growth and development of plantlets in vitro. The fourth, testing the temperatur and light affecting the quality of plantlets in vitro. The predicted advantages of experiment in this project show as follow. A first, The research results will offer the understanding of malformation, irregular uniform quality of phalaenopsis plantlets in vitro and survey of physiological characteristics. The second, offer the information of cultured density which accerlerate the growth and development of plantlets in vitro then match the commercial production. The third, the optimum medium which contain sucrose concentration and additives will be found. Finally, the research results will supply the suggestion for commercial propagators on the environmental factors including temperature and light affecting the quality of plantlets in vitro to set up production management system.
其他識別: 91農科-3.1.3-糧-Z1(2)
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