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標題: 番茄雙層立體式袋耕栽培模式養份管理之研究
Studies on Mineral Nutrient Management in Tomato Cultured by Double Layer Bag Culture System in Greenhouse
作者: 林慧玲
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
Recently, land and pest management costs are a significant part of total crop-production costs. The terrain in Taiwan lacks the large areas of level land needed for crop production and the pesticide residue in vegetables and fruits after post harvest are found occasionally. The time for potection culture and organic farming of vegetable crops is fast approaching and established. In the 1990s, bag culture has become an accepted cultural practice for tomato, cucumber, and sweet pepper in Taiwan since its introduction from Netherlands. Benefits of bag culture in greenhouse are well documented for many horticultural crops. The advantages of bag culture are improving the quality of fruit, decreasing the soil- bone disease, disorder induced by sequence culture, and increasing the efficient use of greenhouse space. In order to increase the efficient use of greenhouse bench space, the tomato was cultured with double layer bag culture system, one layer of bag put lower position and the tomato plant growth acropetally, the other layer of bag put higher position and the tomato plant growth basipetally. The purposes of our experiment are to determinate the growth, nutrient transport, and carbohydrate partition of tomato in double layer bag cultural system, and to establish an efficient management method for commercial production.

近年來由於土地面積取得不易,又需配合減輕農藥殘毒所帶來之威脅,許多蔬果均需在設施內栽培以避免病蟲害之侵犯,此外有機栽培之模式亦逐漸建立.早在十年前農民自荷蘭引入袋耕栽培,目前已廣泛應用在番茄、甜椒及花胡瓜等作物上,袋耕的優點,泥炭土本身是腐植土,可供應作物多元化的有機質,因此蔬果的風味要比水耕好,又袋耕不必擔心土壤病害及連作障礙等問題,降低土壤改良成本,也不須更換栽培地設施,不必拆遷.但由於設施栽培面積有限,為有效利用種植空間,可以立體式雙層袋耕栽培模式,配合整枝,使上層番茄植株誘引呈下垂生長,而達密植高產之目的,但由於上層植株向下生長,是否對養分之輸送及運移有別於自然生長狀態而影響果實品質,而下層植株生長是否會因遮蔽效應而影響光合作用能力值得加以調查研究.因此,本試驗擬建立雙層立體式袋耕植株養份運移及光合成反應之基本資料,配合適度之肥培,方能達到密植高產及高品質之生產模式.本試驗目標 (1) 調查雙層立體袋耕栽培對番茄礦物元素之運移及碳水化合物之消長, 期能定訂適當之肥培管理模式. (2) 建立雙層立體栽培果實品質基本資料,進一步擬定提昇果實品質之栽培模式.
其他識別: 91農科-1.1.1-糧-Z6(15)
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