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標題: 鳳梨葉片蔗糖磷酸合成酵素活性與果肉糖類累積關係之研究
Studies of the Relationship between Pineapple Leaf Sucrose Phosphate Synthase Activity and Flesh Sugar Accumulation
作者: 陳京城
關鍵字: pineapple;鳳梨;園藝;sucrose phosphate synthase;cell wall invertase;蔗糖磷酸合成酵素;細胞壁轉化酵素;應用研究
細胞壁轉化酵素活性之間呈顯著正相關。但是比較不同品種鳳梨果肉細胞壁轉化酵素活性及糖度發現兩者間並無顯著之相關,顯示造成不同鳳梨品種果肉糖類累積能力差異之關鍵因子並非細胞壁轉化酵素。前人研究發現於鳳梨果實採收前3 週除葉處理顯著降低採收時果肉糖度及細胞壁轉化酵素活性,顯示葉片轉運至果實的可溶性糖的量可影響果肉細胞壁轉化酵素活性。蔗糖磷酸合成酵素在蔗糖合成機制上扮演一關鍵角色已在很多植物上獲得證實,本研究主要目的乃探討鳳梨葉片蔗糖磷酸合成酵素在果肉糖類累積上所可能扮演的角色,如果不同鳳梨品種果實發育後期糖類累積與其葉片蔗糖磷酸合成酵素活性之間有顯著正相關,則葉片糖磷酸合成酵素蔗活性之高低或其基因表現程度即可成為評估鳳梨果實糖類累積能力之指標,將來配合分子標誌技術之開發,可做為一快速有效的育種工具。本計畫將分兩年進行,第一年(93 年度)將調查不同鳳梨品種於果實發育後期葉片蔗糖磷酸合成酵素活性與果肉糖類累積之相關性。第二年(94 年度)將調查不同鳳梨品種於果實發育後期除葉處理對果肉細胞壁轉化酵素基因表現之影響。

Sugar content is one of the most important factors determining the fresh fruit quality ofpineapple. There is a significant positive correlation between flesh sugar content and cellwall invertase (CWI) activity of 『Smooth Cayenne』 pineapple. However, there is nosignificant correlation between flesh sugar content and CWI activity among different cultivars,suggesting that CWI is not the key factor determining the potential of sugar accumulation ofdifferent cultivars. Defoliation conducted 3 weeks before harvest significantly reduced theflesh sugar content and CWI activity at harvest, indicating that the ability to synthesizesucrose in leaves is probably one of the key factors affecting the sugar accumulation ofpineapple flesh. Sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) plays an important role in sucrosesynthesis that has been demonstrated in variety of plant species. The objective of this studyis to determine the role of leaf SPS in sugar accumulation of pineapple flesh. If there is asignificant correlation between leaf SPS activity and flesh sugar accumulation, the leaf SPSactivity and /or SPS gene expression level could be used as a tool to evaluate the ability toaccumulate sugar in pineapple cultivars. Through the development of DNA marker linked tothe SPS gene could provide a useful tool in pineapple breeding programs in the future. Inthe first year of this study (93 fiscal year), the relationship between leaf SPS activity and fleshsugar accumulation in different cultivars will be examined. The effect of defoliation on theexpression level of flesh CWI gene will be determined in the following year (94 fiscal year).
其他識別: NSC93-2313-B005-042
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