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標題: 建立農村永續生態社區之規劃設計原則及實證研究
作者: 歐聖榮
關鍵字: 生態社區;Eco-community;農業推廣類;生態村;綠建築;應用研究;Eco-village;Green Building
The major purpose of this study is to propose a demonstrated development plan of eco-village. By reviewing and analyzing the related researches, the study identifies development concept of eco-village and integrates all the related variables into different dimensions (e.g., green building, permaculture, reduced usage of energy and environment protection, transportation system, ecology and environment, community development) in order to create an index system for eco-village development and generalize guidelines for further planning and design. Considering the feasibility of eco-village development, the study will select two sites for operating practical planning. It is expected that a successful development model of eco-village could be generated.

其他識別: 95農科-3.1.2-保-S1(1)
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