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標題: 農村景觀生態維護策略之研究
A Study on Maintaining Strategies of Landscape Ecology in Rural Area
作者: 歐聖榮
關鍵字: Landscape Ecology;景觀生態;農業環境保護, 自然生態保育;Strategy;Conservation of Rural Area;策略;農村保育;應用研究

The major purpose of this study is to propose appropriately maintaining strategies of landscape ecology in rural areas. Based on three basic concepts, structure, function, and change, derived from landscape ecology, this study will discuss current landscape ecology issues in rural areas of Taiwan; review and analyze related policies, laws, and researches; propose potential maintaining strategies of landscape ecology; operate suitable strategies in different sites and propose future alternatives in developing landscape ecology. It is expected that the goal of sustainable management of landscape ecology in rural areas could be achieved through implementing suitable maintaining strategies.
其他識別: 95農科-11.2.1-保-S1(15)
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