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標題: 國蘭實生繁殖之研究
The Propagation of Cymbidium Orchids via Seeds
作者: 王才義
關鍵字: Cymbidium;蕙蘭;園藝;Seed Pretreatments;Aseptic Seed Germination;Capsule Maturity;種子前處理;無菌播種;蒴果成熟度;應用研究

To observe Cymbidium sinense and Cymbidium enslfolium var.rubrigemmum pollen tube growth and embryo development after pollination,to obtain that effect of various capsule age on seed germination , pretreatments achieve capsule age of optimize germination rate, effect of various plant growth regulator and sucrose concentration on medium, to improve germination rate of Cymbidium sinense and Cymbidium enslfolium var.rubrigemmum, reduce the period of seedling propagation, efficiently producing plants ,to expect a variety of leaves and flower posture ,increasing ornamental value of them.
其他識別: 96農科-4.2.2-糧-Z3(19)
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