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標題: 斑葉鶴頂蘭育種
Breeding Variegated Phaius tankervilleae
作者: 張正
關鍵字: 應用研究;Variegation;園藝;斑葉;鶴頂蘭;育種;Phaius tankervilleae;Breeding

Phaius tankervilleae, a Taiwan native orchid, grows and blooms easily around the island. The species bearing long stalk and beautiful flowers has been used as ornamental for pot and garden plant. We will improve the plant and focus on variegating leaf characteristic in the future 3 years. The progeny of the variegation Phaius tankervilleae collected from the wild have stable variegating leaf. We will cross those collected plants in March and sterile sown the seeds in vitro in July of this year. We will investigate the species growth data from four regions in the botanical garden of National Museum of Natural Science in the future one year.
其他識別: 96農科-4.2.2-糧-Z3(10)
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