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標題: 國蘭健康種苗生產體系
Establishment the Production System of Health Seedling in Chinese Cymbidium
作者: 張正
關鍵字: 生物技術;應用研究
Twenty million plants of Chinese cymbidiums were exported abroad fromTaiwan to other countries every year, and the large quantity of the plant needsshould only be accomplished by a professional and mature industry. However, thepropagation of seedlings was derived from stock plants by division and the plantswill be possible infected by virus or other diseased through the division process.The purpose of our research is to develop healthy seedling production processingfor improvement the quality on Chinese cymbidium.We plan to select importance varieties from the major export ones in thisexperiment, including Cymbidium sinense, C. ensifolium, and others. In order toestablish the completeness of the entire method for healthy seedling production,we will cover the topics of the standard sterile sow seed and apex culturetechnique, the detection of the key factors of rhizome maturity, production highpotential emergence rhizome, the rapid and healthy plantlet establishment invitro, and the virus detected in all the whole process to prevent virus infection.Wewill improve the character of propagation for the purpose of easy to do byintroduction the other species and cultuivar into Chinese Cymbidium by selectionin vitro.

其他識別: NSC97-2317-B005-003
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