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標題: 無子葡萄生產技術開發及巨峰葡萄品質改進
Development of Technology for Seedless Grape Production and Improvement of Kyoho Grape Quality
作者: 陳秉訓
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
The major objective of this study is to develop a technique for produced seedless Kyoho grape and to compare the growth of grafted and tissue culture propagated plants of the Kyoho mutant. DNA molecular markers can be used as an early selection tool for hybrid progeny which will improve breeding efficiency and reduce the breeding cost. This study will develop a seedless-linked marker for Kyoho-related cultivars which will be very helpful for tetraploid grape breeding.Girdling is a common practice used by Janapese and USA's grape growers to improve berry color and quality in table grapes. It is however, not common in Taiwan's grapeproduction. The objectives of this project is 1) to assess the effects of cane girdling on berry quality and vine vigor of 'Kyoho' grape in Taiwan's climate and in doublecropping systems. 2) to establish a standard girdling procedure for Taiwan's grape growers, and 3) to evaluate to possibility of using girdling as a technique to compensatereduced vine productivity after typhoon injury.

其他識別: 97農科-4.2.2-糧-Z1(9)
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