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標題: 文心蘭無土養液栽培體系鈣肥磷肥處理對花期調節及開花品質之影響
作者: 林瑞松
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
The cut oncidium production will be studied with soilless nutrition supply system. The studies conduct the effect of calcium and phosphorus element at different level on the vegetative growth and flower quality including vase life to look forward to high quality flower. The purpose of the research will focus on breakthrough of traditional medium including crashed stones, coconuts chops, fern chop mixed medium which confine the nutrition supply for plant growth owing to absorbability bottleneck. The soluble sugar, element of pseudobulb and horticultural characteristics will be investigated during vegetative growth, and flower quality too. The experiments pursue the management of calcium and phosphorus elements through soilless nutrition supply to expect the quality promotion of quality on cut oncidium production.

其他識別: 97農科-4.2.2-糧-Z3(18)
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