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標題: The Flowering and Reproductive Physiology and Interspecies Hybrilization of Native Dianthus Spp. in Taiwan
作者: 朱建鏞
關鍵字: 應用研究;anthesis;農藝;石竹;開花;花粉;雜交;品種;pollen;hybrid;cultivar
In this project, the flowering seasons in Taichung area of Dianthus palinensis, D.pygmaeus, D. seisuimontemus, D. superbus var. superbus, and D. superbus var.longicalycinus will be invested. For hybridization, the factors and regulation onanthesis of D. spp., which do not flower year-round, will be studied. For pollination,the pollen germination and the suitable temperature for pollen germination will beinvested.The native Dianthus spp. and D. barbatus will be reciprocal crossed. Theexcellent offsprings will be selected and multiplicated by tissue culture. At last, theclones with heat tolerance, disease resistance and flowering year-round will beselected for gardening or cut flower.In Taiwan, only 1/3 seedlings of D. barbatus will flower normally. In addition,the flowering seedlings are not uniform. Through selfing, the inbred lines of D.barbatus, which are flower normally, will be selected. Then, the fore combination ofinterapecific crossing will be repeated. And a new F1 cultivar of hybrid Dianthus willbe introduced.

本研究將調查台灣原生石竹,如巴陵石竹、玉山石竹、清水山石竹、瞿麥以及長萼瞿麥在台中地區之開花期。對於不能週年開花之石竹找出其影響因子,並調節開花期使其在春天開花,以利於與美國石竹相互雜交。另外調查各種石竹之花粉發芽率以及最適當之發芽溫度,以便決定在何時機進行授粉,增加雜交種子的收穫量。以上述各種石竹以及美國石竹相互進行種間雜交。從子代中選出具商品價值之單株後,將單株以組織培養方法進行營養系繁殖,再進行營養系選拔,最後擬選出具耐熱、抗病、可週年開花之庭園品種或切花品種。因美國石竹商業品種在台灣僅 1/3 的植株會開花,且性狀不整齊,因此擬選拔可正常開花之自交系後,再重複上述可生產優良後代種間雜交之組合,探討生產F1 種子之可能性。
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-022
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